Brexit Spain Reciprocity Citizens rights

Brexit is looming and things are getting serious. In this article: “Brexit Spain Reciprocity Citizens” it is set out that Spain threatens to prejudice the rights of UK citizens resident in Spain, if the UK doesn’t treat Spanish citizens resident in the UK in the same way. The principle of reciprocity: “You will do the same to me as I do to you”.

Decree Law for English residents in Spain

Spain has adopted a Decree Law which is to guarantee the rights of the English citizens in Spain after a “hard” Brexit. It however points out that the UK hasn’t done the same as yet, adopting the measures fro Spanish residents into law. That will have to be the case in order for Spain to apply the Decree Law to its English residents. On October 1st the representatives of the countries will meet again to “dot the Is”.


However there are far more British (365K) living in Spain than there are Spanish (108K) living in Britain.

Registered British citizens resident in Spain – Source INE 1 January 2019 – provisional data.

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