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Our Soft Landing Services (voor Nederlandse versie click hier) consist of certain legal and supporting accounting, tax and payroll services. That combination of services is designed to assist foreign companies and individuals with their entry in Spain and subsequent operations in the country. Often it concerns the standard questions and answers that are relevant for a soft landing in Spain. It often does not matter what the product or service is, a couple of basic issues need to be addressed. In many cases the questions of a new establishment pivot around what legal entity, sharholder, directors, capital, personnel, i.e. employees or freelance, accounting and tax returns. In addition there are local Spanish and home country burocratic requirements. Often powers of attorney have to be drafted and granted, apostilles, tax numbers (NIEs) have to be applied for. To overcome such obstacles as quick and efficient as possible we have designed these soft landing services Spain.

These soft landing services Spain consist generally of:

Legal Solutions;

Accounting & Tax Solutions;

Employment & Payroll Solutions;

Posting of foreign workers in Spain and REA registration.


For further information about soft landing Services Spain or any other services, please contact us via email or on +34 610 739 364.

We will be happy to provide further information and a fee quote. B.A.S has been providing Spanish legal advice since 2007. The office is established in Madrid, but it clients and cases are spread out over Spain.

Soft landing services spain
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