About B.A.S.

Corporate, Outsourced Solutions

Business Advice Spain (“B.A.S”) is a business solutions provider for companies and individuals in Spain. Our Clients outsource their accounting & tax, employment and payroll and legal matters with us.

When Coming Into Spain

Our clients are typically foreign companies and individuals that want to expand into Spain and need our soft-landing services. However, we also provide our solutions on an ongoing basis to companies and individuals that are readily established in Spain.

When Going Out of Spain

We also help Spanish companies and individuals to do business abroad. In those cases, we mostly help by performing due diligences on local legislation and regulatory aspects. We prepare and negotiate contracts relevant to the country where our clients do business and set up local entities if necessary.

Fees and Inhouse Solutions

We tend to work on monthly retainer fees, a fixed fee, for which the client will be able to call on us at any moment and for a variety of matters. We often include company attendance for a couple of days per week/ month to make sure the client gets the most of our services.  Like if we were its in-house counsel/ accountant taking care of all matters in order to get the operation going.

However, if a client prefers, we can adapt and offer other fees structures as well, such as an hourly fee or a project fee if that were to be more suitable to the situation.

Madrid, Spain, Local Presence

We are based in Madrid but assist our Clients throughout Spain. The advantage of having us as your local corporate services provider is that we have knowledge of all relevant, local requisites. And in case of local changes you (or we on your behalf) will be able to react in a quick and sound manner. Because of its international background and local, Spanish, expertise B.A.S. can perform the perfect legal, accounting and cultural bridge between Spain and the rest of the world.

Our Mission

We strive to be practical and efficient in our business manners. We are transparent. What is best for you, is best for us.

Why Clients Choose Business Advice Spain:

  • Our international experience and local expertise;
  • We provide quick turnaround and give you personal attention;
  • Competitive pricing, we work efficiently and have little overhead.

Contact us and let´s discuss how we can help you. 


B.A.S. was founded by a Dutch lawyer resident in Spain with an international professional background in legal and accounting services. As such B.A.S. has provided corporate solutions to companies and individuals in Spain for more than 15 years. It has served as external lawyer and in-house legal counsel. It has longstanding experience in international accounting and reporting in the language of our clients.


If you wish to contact us please leave a message in the designated contact form, by clicking this link or call us directly on 0034 610 739 364.