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Registro de Empresas Acreditadas BAS Recommendation

One of our Soft Landing Services in Spain was recommended on Linkedin by one of our clients. It concerns the REA registration service for foreign companies in Spain. This Registry of Accredited Companies (Registro de Empresas Acreditadas), certifies the fulfilment of capacity and quality requirements for risk prevention, health and safety rules on construction sites in Spain. Every Spanish autonomous community has its own labor authority where the company can (or even must) register.

However, for many foreign companies this is still a difficult process. That is where we come in. With our Soft landing Services in Spain, we help these companies with the necessary paperwork and presentations. And where necessary we communicate their posted workers. The latter is a European requirement where a company needs to notify the labor authorities of the hosting country upfront of the arrival of workers from another country.

Business Advice Spain, and Jochem Schoevers in particular, have received various recommendations with respect to its Soft Landing Services in Spain. The one mentioned here came from Twisted Pair in the UK and was posted on linkedin.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your company, you can get in touch today at contact or call Jochem on 0034 610 739 364 and or look him up on Linkedin. You can send us an email at

Soft landing services in Spain (can) also comprise:

  • legal (incorporation, constitution of Spanish companies and subsidiaries, all sorts of contracting);
  • Accounting and tax returns (according to Spanish GAAP);
  • Payrolling for local subsidiaries of foreign companies;
  • Registration of foreign companies and payroll for their employees in Spain;
  • Communication of the posting of foreign workers in Spain;
  • NIEs, CIFs, NIFs for foreigners.

We have helped companies from all over the world with our services in Spain.


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