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Contact B.A.S. in Spain

For further information about our services, please feel free to contact Business Advice Spain by sending an email to INFO@BUSINESSADVICESPAIN.COM. And we will get back to you within one working day.

Alternatively you can give Jochem Schoevers a call at 0034 610 739 364.


B.A.S provides services throughout Spain;

Our international experience and local expertise;

Competitive pricing, we work efficiently and have little overhead;

We provide quick turnaround and give you personal attention.

Projects and our clients

  • A joint venture (JV) of 3 international corporate shareholders (1 American and 2 Spanish) want to establish a new Spanish Sociedad Limitada (SL). This requires a JV contract, license and employment agreements, and contracts to be able to develop land and other materials. BAS. was called in as lead counsel to coordinate US and Spanish interests in the JV.
  • For a Dutch real estate (o.g.), project developer, B.A.S. the legal aspects of the purchase of o.g. and further rental to Aldi supermarkets in Spain. Client operates in Spain through a Sociedad Limitada and has several Intercompany loans between different companies and physical persons in the Netherlands and Spain. BAS draws up the contracts in consultation with the tax advisor.
  • For a German bijoux trader who has a “shop in shop” in the Corte Inglés chain with 50 employees throughout Spain, B.A.S. all corporate and branch aspects of the German GmbH (including decisions, contracts, notary liaison and powers of attorney).
  • B.A.S. has helped its local clients during this Corona time with regard to advice and implementation of ERTEs and obtaining líneas de crédito, the so-called ICO loans (loans secured by the Spanish state).
  • B.A.S. represents the interests of Spanish parallel importers at customs in Rotterdam in an Intellectual Property and counterfeit case.
  • B.A.S. collects overseas debts for Spanish clients and foreign clients in Spain.
  • A Dutch individual buys shares in a Spanish SL and will also form the management of that SL in Spain but continues to live in the Netherlands. B.A.S. supervises: corporate law aspect (share purchase), employment law (management contract or “normal” employment contract, or service contract) and the tax aspect (the management receives salary in Spain but lives in NL, (non) resident tax).