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Business Advice Spain has specialized in so called “soft landing” services in Spain. It concerns services that help foreign companies and individuals to establish themselves in Spain. Often a company is already doing business in Spain buts has identified the need, or the wish, to establish and grow. How to go about that?

Soft Landing Services

Generally these services consist of accounting/ tax, legal and employment & payroll. A client needs to register its presence in Spain; It will have to declare taxes and carry on accounting. In what corporate form will the company do that? That “form” might need to be legally incorporated before a notary and registered in the Companies Registry. It needs a registered address and a director or board. Then that company need to employ personnel or freelance contractors and pay them through payroll or invoices.

Commercial contracts for the business need to be newly drafted or existing contracts need to be adapted.

Administration and taxes need to be maintained and presented on time. Reporting to the home front might be necessary.

We understand such needs and we have specialized our services to make your landing as soft as possible.

First of all we speak your language. Secondly, we have thorough knowledge of the Spanish requisites and can advise you what to do best. Thirdly, you can outsource the whole process and we will report back to you (as often as you like) on the status of the process. The whole services process is thought out to make life easier for you.


If you would like to discuss what the options are, what we charge and how quick we could get your show on the road over here. Then do not hesitate to call us at 0034 610 739 364 and enquire about our soft landing services in Spain. You can also email us at: Contact.

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