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COVID19 Limitations on foreign investment in Spain

COVID19 Limitations on foreign investment in Spain

The Covid19 crisis has provoked various countries, amongst which Spain, to put in place limitations on foreign investments in Spain. In other words the liberalization of the foreign investment regime is suspended until further notice.


The Spanish government requires to previously authorise the following investments that are: 1) foreign and 2) direct investments in Spain and in 3) strategic sectors.

Under “foreign” is understood coming from residents outside the European Union or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) region.

Under direct investments is understood: 1) acquire more than 10% of the shareholding and or 2) obtain the right to partcipate in management.

Affected Sectors

The strategic sectors are: Continue reading “COVID19 Limitations on foreign investment in Spain”

Germany and The Netherlands, leaders in data protection in Europe

Germany and The Netherlands, leaders in data protection in Europe

The Netherlands leads with reporting requirements on data leaks

Germany and The Netherlands are the leaders in data protection in Europe. It means they are the front-runners in terms of reporting requirements on data leaks, Privacy Impact Assessments (an instrument for determining privacy risks of data processing in advance – PIA), the societal debate and information campaigns. The budgets, staffing levels and powers of the supervisory authority (the Personal Data Authority) to impose fines are in line with European norms. The supervisory authority is a familiar institution among Dutch people. If you would like further information on Data Protection in Spain or throughout Europe, we can help. Leiden University, the oldest in The Netherlands, investigated 8 European countries on these topics.

Contact us if you would like us to review your data protection policies and make them compliant with the GDPR. We have vast experience in data protection matters. When it comes to American companies we have more than 15 years of experience in helping them establishing in Europe.