Almost 60,000 Data Breaches since May 2018

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Almost 60,000 Data Breaches Reported since GDPR Implementation in May 2018

In the Netherlands 15,400 data breaches have been reported up to 29 January 2019; in  Germany – 12,600; in the UK 10,600; and in Spain 670(!).

To date, 91 reported fines have been imposed under the new GDPR regime. The highest GDPR fine imposed to date is €50 million, by the CNIL to Google, notably not relating to a personal data breaches.

Many organizations have taken notice the new breach notification rules, no doubt in part due to concerns about the high sanctions for not notifying. It has lead to more than 59,000 personal data breaches being notified across Europe in the eight months since GDPR’s introduction. Not notifying data breaches has become a risky strategy under GDPR.

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The study was performed by DLA and can be found here.

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