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Starting in Spain may seem a daunting task. Where to start, what to do about the language barrier? We can help. We have longstanding experience with Incorporation & Secretarial Services. Generally a foreign client wants to incorporate a company in Spain. We can help with the the required steps: opening of bank accounts, transfer of share capital, pick up the certificates, POAs notary assistance, advice on and drafting of by-laws. After that, we manage the company registration with mercantile registry and tax/ labor authorities, obtain the digital signature for filing of taxes and other communication with the administration.

We provide the following company Incorporation & Secretarial Services for our clients:

  1. Company incorporation and registration;
  2. Corporate secretary services (director, board and shareholder resolutions, notary, registration at public registries);
  3. Maintenance of public and internal corporate registers and books;
  4. Provide, and or act as local directors and/ or proxy-holders;
  5. We provide corporate governance reviews and will suggest adaptation where necessary;
  6. We can help recruit specialist industry directors and employees. For long or short term, whatever suits your company best;
  7. Process Agent Service (where we are your representative upon whom court papers may be served);
  8. Provision of a Registered Office address or corporate seat.

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Or if you want to know more about our Incorporation & Secretarial Services we can assist you over the phone at 0034 610 739 364 or contact us in writing.